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S23 SARM Capsules ASIA

S23 is gaining a reputation as one of the most effective SARMs currently on the market. It offers several benefits including gains in both bone density and muscle mass.

Size: 60 Capsules | 10mg per capsule


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S23 SARM Capsules

The Nonsteroidal SARM S23 is believed to increase magnetic muscular mass and bone tissue, biologically bio disposable. This sarm is a safer alternative to anabolism that is useful for losing stubborn fat. S-23 is one of the most powerful sarms to enhance the muscle’s efficiency.

S23 is gaining a reputation as one of the most effective SARMs currently on the market. It offers several benefits including gains in both bone density and muscle mass.

In addition, S-23 SARM has demonstrated its ability to assist women who have lost their sex desire.


Formula: C18H13ClF4N2O3
Molecular mass: 416.76 g·mol−1

Size: 60 Capsules | 10mg per capsule

Research ASIA

In ASIA research conducted on rats [1], sarm S23 was discovered to reduce the animals’ average body weight and fat mass. In addition, oestrogen was administered to the rats to encourage mating. This resulted in muscular mass loss. However, the SARM could counteract the estrogen’s effects and increase the rats’ lean muscle mass [2].

The beneficial effects of fat loss are dose-dependent. In general, the larger the dose, the better the outcomes.

Another investigation focused on glucocorticoids. These receptors send signals for substances such as cortisol. For these rats, S23 was able to prevent glucocorticoid-induced muscle atrophy [3].

Bones can also be impacted, so it’s not only a matter of muscles. Typically, this is spoken in a good light. Like several other SARMs, it boosted bone mineral density in animal experiments.

This specific SARM is being studied as a method of male contraception. However, you will not lose your fertility completely. In reality, it functions similarly to the contraceptive pill used by women.

First, it diminishes hormones, including LH and FSH. Consequently, sperm production is suppressed. Your hormone levels typically return to normal as soon as you stop using it.

S-23 has the ability to improve sexual desire in women, which is the ultimate advantage. For example, a ASIA trial with postmenopausal female rats boosted sexual desire and maintained the uterus’s size and lining.


This sarm is one of the most effective Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators for lean muscle mass growth and fat removal. S23 binds androgen receptors better than Andarine S4.

SARM is being explored as a male contraceptive. Small dosages of this sarm caused 100% infertility in animal studies. However, after stopping therapy, infertility soon reverted.

ASIA Researchers in bodybuilding and fitness have shown that S23 can increase lean muscle growth without water retention.

With the capacity to create stronger, leaner muscles and boost endurance, S23 SARM is a leader in health and fitness research products.

It’s no wonder many athletes use it as one of the most potent SARMS available. But unfortunately, this product is banned in professional sports, indicating its performance-enhancing potential.

Women worldwide have reported increased sex drive when using this sarm.


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Capsules: 60 per bottle