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YK-11 Sarm Liquid ASIA

Studies indicate that YK-11 is a myostatin inhibitor that binds to bone and muscle tissue without harming internal organs. Since YK-11 sarm liquid inhibit myostatin, the majority of people who use it experience muscle cell growth. Furthermore, studies show that this well-known SARM also contributes to increased follistatin levels.


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YK-11 Sarm Liquid

YK-11 is a small molecule, a hormone-like substance found in the liver. YK-11 sarm liquid belongs in a new class of compounds called SARMS, or serotonergic receptor modulators. Selective and androgen receptor modulators, also known as SARMs, are usually well-tolerated by clinical studies and have very potent muscle-building benefits.

Selective SARMs inhibit the activity of the androgen receptor in a particular manner. This inhibitory effect causes the production of the natural androgens, testosterone, to be stimulated, resulting in more muscle mass.

SARMs that target the androgen receptor are in ASIA clinical trials for the treatment of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and other conditions. YK-11 sarm liquid is one of several SARMs that are being tested for their ability to promote lean muscle growth.


Molecular Formula: C25H34O6
Molecular Weight: 430.5 g/mol

Size: 50ml

Research ASIA

Synthetic steroidal SARM YK11 is a steroid molecule based on 5-a-dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a partial agonist of the androgen receptor gene-selective (AR) [1].

Like many androgens, steroids, and SARMs, YK11 sarm liquid binds to androgen receptors in bone tissue to improve bone strength. A 2018 study found that YK11 accelerates cell growth and mineralization in mouse osteoblast cells [2].

In addition, YK11-treated cells had higher levels of osteoprotegerin and osteocalcin than untreated cells. Activated PKB levels in cells show that YK11 triggers the Akt/PKB signalling pathway through non-genomic AR signalling. The Akt/PKB pathway regulates androgen-mediated osteoblast development.

ASIA Bodybuilders are also interested in YK11 sarm capsules because of its capacity to generate Follistatin and significantly increase muscle growth [3]. However, YK11 is not an authorised supplement or stimulant for use by athletes. Instead, it’s an experimental chemical that has received scant scientific attention.


  • Anabolic impact on muscles and bones is significant and selective (osteogenic activity).
  • Follistatin secretion can be induced.
  • It can aid in the effective development of muscular mass.
  • It can assist with bone strength.


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