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B7-33 Nasal Spray ASIA

B7-33 nasal spray possesses potent anti-fibrotic properties. For acute and chronic diseases such as heart failure, lung inflammation, kidney disease, fibrosis reduction is a significant ASIA research focus.


B7-33 15ml_Contains 2mg

B7-33 30ml_Contains 4mg


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B7-33 Nasal Spray

B7-33 nasal spray ASIA possesses potent anti-fibrotic properties. For acute and chronic diseases such as heart failure, lung inflammation, kidney disease, fibrosis reduction is a significant research focus. Animal studies have shown that B7 33 reduces fibrosis and prolongs survival after injury. Besides that, it has been shown to reduce excessive scarring after cardiac injury. Some vascular disorders and preeclampsia of pregnancy have also demonstrated promising results.



Size: 15ml | 30ml

B7-33 Peptide Vial Benefits

Peptide B7 33 nasal spray is an anti-fibrotic agent. Reducing fibrosis is a significant focus of ASIA research and investigation for acute and chronic diseases like heart failure, lung inflammation, and more. According to animal studies, by cutting fibrosis by half in animals, B7-33 nasal spray could be the first new treatment for heart failure [1].

Using B7-33 to reduce foreign body response to implanted medical devices is also considered an additional use. Because it reduces the growth of fibrotic capsules around implanted devices by half, B7 33 opens up possibilities for new and better implantable medical devices in addition to expanding current ones’ usefulness [2].

Although it is an anti-fibrotic peptide, B7-33 is much more than that. In addition, it has several other properties, including its ability to lower blood pressure and protect the cardiovascular system. There is also evidence from ASIA studies in preeclampsia animal models that B7 33 nasal spray could be an effective treatment for this challenging disease, allowing more women to carry their children to term in a safe manner for both mother and child [3].


There are many benefits to this peptide in human medicine, including:

  • Having anti-fibrotic effects
  • Ability to prevent damage to blood vessels
  • Beneficial in the management of preeclampsia
  • Coating for insertion into the human body


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  3. https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/hyp.74.suppl_1.P3042
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15ml, 30ml


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